Zaxby's Animal Welfare Statement

Zaxby’s is known for the care we put into providing quality food, great service, and enriching the lives of our team members and guests. To responsibly serve the best quality chicken, we take animal welfare practices seriously. That’s why we ensure that our poultry suppliers comply with regulations established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and United States Department of Agriculture.

Our poultry suppliers are required to submit to mandatory animal welfare audits performed by third parties and our PAACO certified Zaxby’s Quality Assurance Auditors, in accordance with National Chicken Council guidelines. Additionally, Zaxby’s Quality Assurance Auditors visit our suppliers frequently to review their manufacturing processes, food safety practices, and to ensure that their products comply with Zaxby’s high-quality standards.

Food safety, public health, and animal welfare practices are critically important to us. Zaxby’s will continue to ensure that our poultry products meet or exceed the above standards.
















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