Chicken Confidential: Bulletins from the War Room

Mar 05, 2021 Posted in Press-Release,


Zaxby's Signature Sandwich Goes National

The Chicken Sandwich War Ain’t Over Yet ™. The national rollout of Zaxby’s acclaimed Signature Sandwich is underway. All 909 locations across the brand’s 17-state footprint are now stocking the no-longer-secret weapon first launched in test markets in October 2020. During the test, Zaxby’s new Signature Sandwich exceeded the performance of the existing hand-breaded fillet by 600%.



Zaxby's Deploys Code Name Generator as Signature Sandwich Sales Soar

After reigniting the Chicken Sandwich Wars with the release of its new Signature Sandwich, Zaxby’s has deployed a military-themed code name generator for brand loyalists. Real-time custom military badges paired with fun, nonsensical names have created a viral sensation on Twitter, where Zaxby’s originally launched its infamous “Y’all ready?” tweet, declaring The Chicken Sandwich War Ain’t Over Yet ™.



Zaxby's Reignites Chicken Sandwich War with New Zaxby's Signature Sandwich

Zaxby’s, the fast-casual chain known for its Chicken Fingerz™, wings and signature sauces, is going big with the new Zaxby’s Signature Sandwich, served with a choice of Zax Sauce® or new Spicy Zax Sauce™. A year after the Chicken Sandwich Wars broke out on Twitter, Zaxby’s has fired an artillery shot with its “Y’all ready?” tweet, declaring The Chicken Sandwich War Ain’t Over Yet™.




Laura Mansfield, APR
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