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We’d love to hear about your experience and value your feedback. Please contact Guest Services at

Simply go to our Store Locator and enter your location. We update this information regularly, so be sure to check back often if you don’t see a Zaxby’s in your area at this time.

Zaxby’s wants to reward our loyal guests by providing an easy way to redeem certain offers on the Zaxby’s website and app. Zaxby’s rewards aren’t based on points, and we may provide rewards to guests based on membership in our clubs, order history, or just as a way to thank our guests. These rewards are visible on the website under your account's Zax Rewards page.


To redeem a reward while ordering ahead on the website, simply add the item to your cart, and it will automatically apply once the qualifying item is in your cart.

To redeem a reward in-store check your rewards screen and then scan your QR code on the Scan/Pay screen. Some rewards can be saved for later by navigating to the Rewards screen and toggling the reward off.

Some rewards can be saved for later by navigating to the reward and toggling the reward off either on the Zax Rewards page on or the Rewards screen on the Zaxby’s App.

We apologize for the inconvenience!  Go to your Rewards screen and verify your desired reward is toggled on. If the reward is on and you are ordering ahead, make sure the qualifying and reward items are in your cart. The reward will automatically apply once all items are in your cart. If you are ordering in-store be sure to order the qualifying and reward items and scan your QR code to redeem.

If a reward is active, it will be redeemed towards any qualifying item on your order. Unfortunately, once a reward is redeemed, we are unable to reactive that reward.

If your issues continue, please reach out to

Each Zaxby’s is independently owned and operated. Stop by your local store or click here to find your nearest location.

For positions with Zaxby’s Franchising LLC in Athens, Georgia, visit or email your résumé to

Zaxby’s Franchising LLC
1040 Founders Blvd
Athens, GA 30606

Zaxby’s Franchising LLC is a privately-held corporation, so no stock is offered to the public.

Most Zaxby’s restaurants work together as groups, or co-ops, to determine local or regional advertising within their respective market areas. Sponsorships are also determined by the individual licensee or co-op. Contact your nearest Zaxby’s location to discuss local advertising or sponsorships.

Childhood friends Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley opened the first Zaxby’s restaurant in 1990 in the college town of Statesboro, Georgia. Their goal was to provide a fun, relaxing atmosphere that would keep guests coming back for more. And the rest is history.

Yes! Click here and search for the location nearest you that offers online ordering.